Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Witches Ride!

When Witches Go Riding,
 And Black Cats Are Seen'
The Moon Laughs And Whispers,
Tis' Near Halloween!
This is a 12X4 in. canvas. I used metal charms, fun halloween papers, stickers, and a new product that I wanted to try out for the little witches' wings. It's called Clearly for Art Blackout Modeling Film. It's very cool stuff. First I stamped bat wings on it then cut them out. Hit it with my heat gun until the film was soft, then shaped the wings. When it was cooled I hot glued them to the canvas. The great thing about this is if you don't like the way it looks, you just re-heat it. You can do that as many times as you need to. I really like this product!  


  1. WOW...this is awesome...gorgeous work, Victoria!

  2. This is wonderful again. The product sounds amazing too. penny

  3. Your work is outstanding such beautiful rich colours and an amazing crackle effect !!!
    I am now a follower of your blog xx

  4. This is so glorious, I can hardly believe it.
    HOW did you manage all that beauty in so tight a space, without an overcrowded feeling?
    Splendid work!

  5. Plush Possum Studio directed me here and I'm so pleased they did. This is all sumptuous work. New follower.