Sunday, June 3, 2012

Because I Am Me

Someone asked me the other day. Do you ever stop? Stop what? Making things, you know making art. Every time I see you, you're working on something. Well, I thought about it, and OK, the answer is never! I love to create, it makes me Happy! This piece is dedicated to my passion...
Creating Art!


  1. Very beautiful indeed! Art on!

  2. Très joli, j'aime beaucoup.

  3. Very pretty piece!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Why would you ever want to stop! I have been asked the same question before, and I get a little annoyed. Creating something, for me is like breathing in and out, it's what makes me feel alive. As soon as I've finished something, I can't wait to start something new. It's like making and eating food, we do it 3 times a day, everyday, we don't get bored of it! Your dream is to inspire others, your dream came true for me, Thank you. Michelle x

  5. Don't know why 'start' has a link on it, I never did that!

  6. I agree with you and Michelle. It could also be the same question to me, with the same answeres as yours. Oh and there is one more: When do you sleep? (:o)
    I love your art!! Very unique look.

    1. Thanks Elly,
      I wish I could do my art full time! That would be wonderful. But I do have a real job. The other is a someday dream:)

  7. It´s so lovely. Thank you for inspirations! Greetings from Erika