Friday, November 30, 2012

Let the Holiday Season Begin

The Holiday Season Has Begun. My home is decorated, inside and out for this wonderful season. The weekend  plan is to get all the Christmas cards addressed and in the mail. In the middle of all  the decorating, I took a little time in the studio to create my first holiday themed post card of 2012.
Angel of God
4x6 on illustration board
Happy Holidays Everyone!
Enjoy this wonderful season!


  1. Wonderful, Victoria! I love how some of it strays off the edge.xx

  2. I love your work! I was at the bookstore today and saw the article in Somerset Studios Gallery. I scrabbled in my purse to find a pen to write down your web site name to no avail - so I got my two daughters to help me remember the name of it so I could look it up when I got home! I'm so inspired - I want to make something tonight! I just loved the pieces in the magazine and now I'm finding more! I love the crackle finish and your lettering is great!

  3. How awesome!! Love your Angel creation, dear Victoria! This looks gorgeous.
    Happy Holiday to you too my friend!