Saturday, September 29, 2012

Witches Apothecary Bottles

In the spirit of Halloween and "Artfully Musings" Apothecary Event.  Here's my first attempt at the bolltles to fill my shelf.
Happy Fall! I just love this time of the Year! 


  1. Hauntingly Halloween and Boolicious. Your little bottles of potions are fabulous. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  2. Wow! These are super, and such pretty shaped bottles. love them! xx

  3. My goodness, Victoria! So sorry I havent visited in a while. I have been unwell. A strong flu has me confined to bed.
    Your new works are simply gigantic. I love your Wiches Apothecary and the altered bottles. I looked at the three tutorials on Laura's blog already three times and I'm thrilled. A few bottles I've finished. Laura's work is contagious :-)
    Your new ATCs are again phenomenal. This is a feast for the eyes!
    Have a nice sunday my dear friend.
    Hugs MARTINA

  4. 4 amaziiiiiing bottles Victoria, wow! I love them so much. Very VERY inspiring. Michelle x

  5. These are great bottles. Love the chains on your ghost bottle. What kind of lid did you use?

  6. My name is Victoria, too and funny enough, of all the eye of newt images I found tonight it was yours I saved and I didn't know we shared a name! Do you sell on Etsy? : )