Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Witches Apothecary

In the spirit of Halloween my friend Laura from Artfully Musing is hosting a Witches Apothecary Event

 How fun is that! She has so many ideas and how to's to inspire the halloween spirit in all of us. I deceided to try my hand at my own apothecary shelf. After watching the tutorials she posted on her web site, here is my creation!
The base for my shelf is two photo boxes and their lids. Every time I went to the craft stores or scrapbook store I collected fun things to put into this project.
Crows, feathers and spiders! oh my!:)
Thanks Laura, I always go to your site for a little inspiration!!!!
Now I have to fill the shelves!


  1. That's amazing! She is very inspirational as are you. :)

  2. Glorious! Happy Halloween way in advance!

  3. Your Apothecary is great! I'm working on one as well and taking things in a slightly different direction as you have done. It's nice to know someone else is a free thinker too.